Start Your Days Off Happy With Morning Meditation

morning meditation

Tips from Adrienne Graffius, Wellness Coordinator and Health Coach

It is no secret that how we begin the morning can set the tone for the rest of the day. We often have a tendency to begin the day quickly by trying to multitask. We tend to start by answering emails as we make breakfast, or fold laundry as we watch the news. Instead of jumping right into the day, try practicing a few minutes of meditation.

The goal of meditation is to calm the mind so that it can be more alert later. A few minutes of meditation can help give the mind and body clarity, and physical alertness. Meditation can also decrease the stress hormones, reduce pain, enhances the body’s immune system, reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, and confusion and improve one’s overall quality of life.

Meditation allows the mind to quiet down, and actively recover from the constant stream of internal dialogue of life. This can occur through:

  • Mantra Meditation – focusing on a positive, powerful word;
  • Guided Imagery – where a voice guides you to a peaceful place; or
  • Breathing Meditation – simply focusing on your own inhalation and exhalation.

    Before you start your day or begin an important task, try taking a few minutes to practice one of the methods above. Simply set a timer, and allow yourself to sit in a comfortable position, and follow these guidelines:

  • As you inhale, count to three.
  • When you reach three, pause briefly, then slowly exhale on a count of three.
  • Repeat this until your timer goes off.

Remember that meditation does need to be perfect. If your mind wanders off, simply guide your mind back to your breath. As you feel comfortable, you may want to add more time, or even more frequent sessions.

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